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Umasbamba – Chinchero 2 Days/ 1 Night

Duration 5Days / 4Nights altitude 00KM Distance 64KM Difficulty High Tour Guide Español English Visitinca Site


A new adventure awaits you in UMASBAMBA, when you live the daily life of the communities that live in the areas near the SACRED VALLEY OF THE INCAS.

On this visit we will overnight at the community and enjoy more time to get to know the life and customs of this fascinating community.

By visiting and living like the locals from this area you will not only get acquainted with the local culture but you will also contribute to the progress of these communities.

In the district of Chinchero we will find the community of UMASBAMBA, here you will get acquainted with the local culture and learn some skills like local farming methods which have almost remained unchanged since Incas time, animal husbandry, cooking session with the locals, how to use natural dyes for the process of coloring textiles, and many other activities.


Day 1: Cusco – Umasbamba Chinchero

We will pick you up very early in the morning and after almost an hour ride with the car, we will arrive to Umasbamba where the villagers will receive you with flower necklaces one block from the community square where the colonial Church is also located, they will also take you dancing while playing their native Andean music with instruments of the area.

After the reception, all the members of the community introduce themselves explaining their daily duties and also showing their clothes and dressing visitors with their typical attires as well.

Once the meet and greet is completed, you will enjoy a typical breakfast with your host family.

The first activity to be carried out will be animal husbandry, the activities will be explained and the delegation of duties as well (What duties women and men are responsible for) you will be in charge of a herd of animals that will be assigned to you. They will explain you their methods of caretaking and pasturing.

What is for Lunch?

Well…..you will be in charge for making lunch with the locals and this will be based on the products that are available for the season; it might be potatoes, quinoa, chuño, wheat, corn, beans etc. some of the typical dishes are moraya soup, quinoa chaufa and aromatic herb drinks.

Bueno … se encargará de preparar el almuerzo con los lugareños y esto se basará en los productos disponibles para la temporada; Puede ser papas, quinua, chuño, trigo, maíz, frijoles, etc. Algunos de los platos típicos son la sopa de moraya, la quinua chaufa y las bebidas de hierbas aromáticas.

After lunch, we will visit the Church from Umasbamba. In the afternoon you will learn about the weaving process where the women of the place will show you how to carry out the shearing, washing and natural dyeing of the wool.

Then move on to the elaboration of the fabric, handling the different iconographies of its tradition. Also the locals will show you how to make medicinal syrups from local herbal medicines. These are ancient recipes passed on from generation to generation.

In the evening you will have dinner with local dishes as well. After dinner we will enjoy the evening with more local music, singing, and dancing. There will be also a time to listen to the local stories and traditions which have been also passed from father to children by word of mouth.

Finally, you will sleep in your host family´s house and enjoy the night after an eventful day.

Day 2: Umasbamba Chinchero – Cusco

Wake up in the morning and have breakfast with your host family. Once breakfast is over. You and the locals will proceed to make an “offering “to the earth. This is a ceremony that consists in making an offering of coca leaves some alcoholic drink and other items to mother earth showing our gratitude for providing us with food and shelter.

After the offering we proceed to learn about the agriculture, the activities will be explained and the delegation of duties as well (What duties women and men are responsible for). You will be introduced to the process of how they work the land using antique natural methods to fertilize the land with natural nutrients, they will also show you the clothing they wear during the activity and what foods to take to the place.

You will have lunch with the host family and after lunch we will take a small excursion to a high point from where we can have an amazing panoramic view of the whole area in 360 degrees.

After all this wonderful experience with the community, you have to bid farewell and it ends the same way as it started, lots of music dance and joy. This is a rewarding experience since you were able to live like the locals for one day.

We take the bus to Cusco and should be arriving to Cusco late in the afternoon.



  • Roundtrip transportation to the community.
  • All the activities listed in the program.
  • ACTIVITY (textile).
  • Agricultural activity.
  • ACTIVITY (offering to the land).
  • Bed and Breakfast, lunch and dinner as detailed in the program.

Not Includes

  • Snacks and drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Other services that have not been mentioned in the program.



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